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Spring Wish List for Grayson

Following on from Miley’s spring clothing wish list last week, this is the list I have for Grayson.
Normally I find it much easier to find nice girls clothes in the stores, but when putting this post together I realised that my list for Grayson is much longer than Mileys!
I am loving some of the boys clothes that are around at the moment and could easily spend a fortune!

I’ve never bought anything from Zara before, but having seen it on other blogs I am totally sold on the funky pieces they do for boys!

3522507320_1_1_15431505712_1_1_1 6458512427_2_2_1
1. Yellow Trousers
2. Animal tshirt
3. Hooded Jacket


I love Gap,¬†but I don’t often shop here, but I cannot wait to have a serious shopping spree in Gap when we go to Florida.

gao cn10600052 gap cn10541222 gap cn10761142
1. Sunglasses shorts
2. Check Shirt
3. Dapper Dinosaur tee

I am a self confessed Next addict! I love their clothes, I love their delivery and returns service. I love their sales!
next 352-126s next 371-373s next 862-900s
1. Super Fast Tee – Grayson runs around the house shouting ‘i’m fast!’ so this seems appropriate
2. Joggers
3. Cactus tee

River Island, Marks and Spencers and H&M:
H&M is another of my addictions!

river island 408907_mainm&sh&m
1. River Island – Shirt and Short set
2. Marks and Spencers – Superhero Animal Jumper
3. H&M – Pirate coat

So that’s my spring wish list for our little man. What do you have on your wish list for your kiddos? I’d love to hear about new places to shop or see some items that you have found, please do share.

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