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My Christmas Bucket List 2015


Pre-warning: If you don’t like to hear or think about Christmas until at least mid-December then skip this post, as it is Christmas overload!
I love love LOVE Christmas. I always have and since I became a Mummy it has just become so much more magical for me. This year is particularly exciting as Miley is really beginning to understand more about Christmas and she is already getting excited for it and that excitement can’t help but make you smile. So I’ve put more thought into what I would like us to do this year in the run up to Christmas and if there are any traditions I’d like us to start. So without further ado here is my Christmas Bucket List

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree (me)
    2. Chocolate Advent calendars for the children (that includes Simon!)
    3. Benefit Advent calendar for me (eek!)
    4. Paint Christmas decorations
    5. Order Christmas cards using Miley’s Christmas drawing
    6. Letters to/from Santa
    7. PNP – Portable North Pole. (This is a highlight for me as seeing Miley’s face last year when Santa said her name and showed her our family photos was just priceless!)
    8. Visit Santa at Roves Farm
    9. Christmas Party at Esprit Gymnastics
    10. Christmas Fayre at Windmill Hill Nursery
    11. The Illuminated Walk at Westonbirt Arboretum
    12. Visiting Santa on Christmas Eve and then having lunch
    13. Making a Gingerbread House
    14. Decorating Christmas Cookies
    15. Trying slow cooker Hot Chocolate on Christmas Day
    16. Let the children decorate their own tree
    17. A Christmas Eve Box – pyjamas, sticker books, dvd, reindeer food and Christmas books
    18. Sprinkling Reindeer Food outside
    19. A mince pie and juice for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer
    20. Mince Pies, for Simon, Miley and Grayson
    21. Winter walks to feed the chilly ducks
    22. Christmas Jumpers (and tshirts)
    23. Christmas DVD’s – we have soooo many!!!
    24. Watching Christmas 24 NON STOP from now until Christmas. I just love the cheesy made for tv Christmas movies
    25. Christmas music, I really must get some Christmas CD’s
    26. Wrapping presents whilst watching some of the above Christmas films
    27. Sewing us all a Christmas stocking to hang on the fireplace
    28. Making a festive door wreath (I really want to do this but am not sure I’ll fit it in!)
    29. The Pantomine (I think we are going to wait until next year when Grayson can come too, but I wanted to include it as I love the panto)
    30. Buy new Christmas pyjamas
    31. Christmas Presents
    32. Take a drive to look at Christmas lights
    33. Christmas Concerts at our two nurseries (Miley is soooo excited!)
    34. Read lots of Christmas Books
    35. Start some ‘giving back’ traditions (see below)

    Are there any on here that you’ve not done before? Or any that you do that I haven’t mentioned? Please let me know as I always love to hear what other peoples Christmas traditions are, just incase there are some that I would like to ‘pinch’!

    Giving Back traditions:
    I love to find perfect gifts for my children and to spoil them in a way that I never was as a child, both with attention and gifts. But at the same time I don’t want them to become spoiled, and whilst I don’t think one day of the year can create a spoiled child, I would still like them to also consider other people at this time of year. So with that in mind I have been looking for ways of ‘giving back’ so that Christmas doesn’t just become about them getting gifts. We won’t be doing all of these, and we may only do one this year as our children are still very young and so won’t necessarily understand. But I wanted to include the list of traditions we will be choosing from:
    1. Making and writing cards to local policemen, firemen and ambulance services.
    2. Putting together shoeboxes for the ‘shoebox project’
    3. Putting together a backpack for a homeless Christmas appeal
    4. Giving chocolates to the lovely lady who delivers our post
    5. Choosing a set number of their exisiting toys to leave out on Christmas Eve for santa to collect and pass on to children less fortunate
    6. Leaving a ‘secret santa’ gift for a neighbour
    7. Delivering cookies to the staff room at nursery
    8. Donating food to the local food bank
    9. Making cards/pictures and taking them to the local elderly persons home
    10. Taping loose change to the vending machines in the hospital
    11. Giving a card/small gift to our favourite cashier at Asda
    12. Donating items needed to the womans shelter
    13. Contact a local hospice and donate what is needed (food, toys, decorations, time etc)
    14. And if you REALLY want to go big, you can contact a charity and ask about organising a toy drive with them. Set a date and advertise and arrange a drop off point and you could make a big difference to a lot of families.

Obviously many of these traditions should be carried on throughout the year and in a perfect world they would be. I do hope that we manage to continue a couple of these throughout the year and we will certainly have the best of intentions. But it is just a fact that as Christmas approaches you really do spend more time thinking about others and those that are less fortunate and so the acts above seem more likely to happen at that time.
But I think going into the new year we will have an aim to do one ‘random act of kindness’ each month, and then if we manage to do more than that it will be a bonus.

Have you ever taken part in a Christmas Random Acts of Kindness? What things did you do? I’d love to hear peoples experiences of this and if anyone is planning on doing anything this year? It is the season of goodwill after all J

Happy Holidays to one and all x


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