Forget Chocolate Advent Calendars!

Before i start i should probably tell you that i LOVE christmas. I also LOVE chocolate. So chocolate advent calendars have always been a big hit with me, as whats not to love. Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please!
But i don’t know if its because i’m getting older, or if that tiny bite of chocolate just isn’t enough (thats more likely!) but i’m just not excited about them this year.

Then when i was reading some blogs online i stumbled across the most ingenious invention (okay, its not the most ingenious, but you’ve got to admit it is pretty cool!)!

Beauty Advent Calendars!!!

Does everyone know about these? Am i the only one who is so out of the loop that these had totally passed me by? Incase a few of you also didn’t know about these, i thought i would share with you a few of the ones i had found. Some are budget friendly and others are obscenely expensive, but i thought i’d include a range of prices just for interest. It never hurts to window shop :-)

So without further ado here is a roundup of some of the Beauty Advent Calendars on sale in 2015.

Avon 12 Days of Christmas (nail varnish) – £55
**whilst £55 seems crazy for 12 nail varnishes, if you spend £10 elsewhere in Avon then you can snap this up for a much more reasonable £18**

No7 25 Days of Beauty Wonders – £38


Ciante Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar – £49


Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar – £60
Benefit Part Poppers 12 Days of Christmas – £34.50

Selfridges Beauty Workshop Advent Calendar – £60


Charlotte Tilbury The Book of Makeup Magic – £150

Tanya Burr Deck the Halls Advent Calendar – £24.99


Yankee Candle Advent House in the Snow – £27.99
This obviously isn’t a beauty calendar, but i thought as Yankee Candle was soooo popular that a lot of people might like to know about this one 

So there we have it, just a quick round up of some of the calendars available. There are LOTS more!! I hope someone found this useful and is as excited about this as i was/am!
As for me, i will be purchasing the Benefit Advent Calendar, as i have always wanted to try their products but have just never gotten around to it and so getting 12 mini versions in the run up to christmas will be very exciting!!

There is also a huge selection of alternative childrens advent calendars available. So i may do a post on those in the next few days if anyone is interested. Let me know.
But for now, happy shopping :-)

One thought on “Forget Chocolate Advent Calendars!

  1. I love the look of these! I think the Benefit one looks fab and really reasonable in price. If I had money to burn I’d be tempted by the Charlotte Tilbury one, I love her make up! Will you do a post on your thoughts once you’ve opened it?

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