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I’m Back!

It has been over 2 years since I last posted. OMG! Where on earth did that time go. Having children seems to make the months fly by like you’re on fast-forward.

I thought I would do an update on what’s been happening for us over the last 2 years and where we are now. I also want to just touch on a few things I really want to start posting about on this blog. I never really fully utilised this blog before and I have so many things that I think or feel that I’d like to get off of my chest.

Anyway, so in January 2013 we had just moved to Swindon and M was just 15 months old. Our days were filled with soft-plays, colouring books, dolls, Parks, gymnastics groups and general mummy and daughter fun. I can genuinely say that those were some of the most enjoyable times I have ever had. My daughter has her moments but she is a beautiful girl, inside and out and I love spending time with her.

Mr.G and I had decided to try for another baby and we were incredibly lucky that we got a positive pregnancy test on the first month of trying. Whoop! To say we were excited was an understatement. We bought a tee for M to wear that said ‘I have a secret’ on the front and then on the back it said ‘I’m going to be a big sister’. We planned on her wearing it to announce our pregnancy to people.

Unfortunately, not long after I started bleeding and after visiting the hospital and then returning for a scan a few days later they confirmed I had had an early miscarriage. I was very early in the pregnancy, but just writing about this, over 2 years later is still upsetting. So I cannot imagine how women feel when they are later in the pregnancy and have had time to bond with their babies.
Anyway, it was a tough time, as it had been so early nobody knew we were pregnant, so we didn’t tell anyone we had miscarried either.

We decided to just take things as they came and see what happened. I did start taking Vitamin B12 as I have a very short luteal phase in my cycle, which can sometimes result in early miscarriage as the egg doesn’t implant properly, and Vitamin B12 is supposed to help extend that phase. Whether or not it works we will never know as a month later I got another positive pregnancy test. And luckily for us this one stuck around.

Grayson arrived on 5th November and made us a family of 4.


I will do a post on his birth later as it was a home birth and was a great experience.


Grayson arrived with a bang and life since his arrival has been non-stop, especially since he became mobile. He is now 19 months old and is a crazy, wild, loud, loveable, sociable little boy. Although I’m convinced he has a death wish as he seems determined to carry out death-defying feats at every given opportunity!


Honestly I don’t get out and about as much as I once did, simply because Miley likes to be close to me, she is quite shy and tentative and likes to have a hand to hold whilst she explores and Grayson is (as previously mentioned) a little crazy, so I need to have my attention on him at all times.

I started sewing when I was pregnant with Grayson which I am very excited about. Again I will do a post with my sewing ‘makes’ which were for Graysons nursery. I’ll also include the prints we have on his wall as they are so cute, in my opinion anyway.

Sewing sheets and curtains turned into sewing dolls and for Christmas 2014 most of our friends children received a lovingly handmade doll from us for a Christmas gift.
I really enjoy making them and I’m now in the process of CE Testing them to show that they are safe for children of all ages from birth upwards. This is a legal requirement in the UK for all items that have ‘play value’.

I’m hoping once that’s all done I can open my facebook page and start selling them. It will be nice to have something that is just mine which I can work in and around my kids.
My husband, who works full-time, has also decided he didn’t have enough to do and started up an events business back in 2013. He organises Mud-Run Obstacle Races, two a year, one in Wiltshire and one in Oxfordshire. His first race was held 2 days before my due date with Grayson! Luckily Grayson held on and arrived a day late, so 3 days after the first Monster Race.


I cannot express how unbelievably proud I am of Simon for everything he has achieved in the last few years, Monster Race is a resounding success and is loved by everyone who takes part. But I wont lie, it has been tough on us as a family to have so much time taken up by the races. But then, quite often, the things in life that are worth having, are not easy.


One thing I really want to talk about on here is my journey with Post-Natal Depression. I am generally very private and don’t discuss this aspect of my life openly with many people. But I really feel that PND has a bad stigma attached to it and I think the nature of PND makes women feel alone and isolated, so by not being open about our journeys and experiences we are only making this cycle worse. It will be very hard for me to open up about my experiences but I truly hope that if only one woman reads my words she will realise that she isn’t alone in this, that she isn’t a bad mum, that other women have been through the same thing.


So I am hoping that PND will feature periodically on my blog, with current updates from me, and details of my past experiences and I am really hoping that I can potentially get some other women to share their stories as well. Because I really feel it’s so vital that we show women this can happen to anyone, from any walk of life, whether its her first child or her fifth, whatever her labour was like, no matter what her history or personality or lifestyle. That its okay to feel this way. And most importantly that its possible to come out the other side.
Hopefully sharing my story will be cathartic for me and help me understand myself more and come to terms with what I have experienced.


I also really want to use the blog as a place to hold myself accountable for my weight! Grayson is 19 months old and I still haven’t lost my baby weight. And even before I was pregnant with Grayson, or with Miley for that matter, I was overweight.


So I have a long road ahead. I need to lose 50lbs. I have been following the 5:2 plan for a few months and have lost up to 10lb, but then I gain some back and then I lose it again and then I gain some back again, and so on and so forth. I am currently at 7lb off. So 43lb to go!
This is a daily struggle for me and is something I want to blog about to help keep me on track.


Lastly, and on a much more cheery note, I will be blogging about next years holiday to Florida. Yay!!!



We haven’t been on holiday since April 2012, so our holiday next April will be well deserved. I am totally obsessed with Florida and love the planning almost as much as the holiday itself. So I will do some pre-trip updates on here, incase I can potentially help or inspire someone with their holiday. And incase someone has help or advice they can offer me, especially on the subject of travelling with young children!!

So that’s enough for now I think. I will aim to do more in-depth posts for all of the above and see how I get on.

Thanks for reading. See you real soon x

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